This site is maintained by Data Science Research team at Uhuru Corporation. We work on several problems in Machine learning, Statistics and Big data.


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Atsushi Kojo: Personification of our technology – Atsushi has taken the lead on many large scale projects from Infrastructure to Applications based on his multi-discipline knowledge. He is also the father of outr IoT platform enebular.



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Toshiyuki Shimono: Doctorate from the prestigious University of Tokyo’s School of Information Science and Technology. Bronze medalist in the International Mathematics Olympiad during high school. Developed the recommendation engine at Team Lab.



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Aakansh Gupta: Graduated from Indian Institute of Technology Delhi, Electrical Engineering Department. Placed 16th in Indian Mathematics Olympiad. Active in Machine Learning competitions on Kaggle. Placed 6th in KDD Cup 2015.



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Yuko Takeda: Doctorate in Geography from Ritsumeikan Univerty’s Graduate School of Letters. She has worked an Assistant Professor of Geography at Tokyo Metropolitan University and later as an analyst at the Doctoral Institute for Evidence Based Planning and ALBERT Inc.